Eddie Money Blog 2

Wha'd up Jelly Rollers!

Freddie Foodstamps here. Out and chatting with the faithful.

Played a little town in North Carolina last night ...Actually near Moresville, a stone throw from Charlotte, NC.

Great on the road, having some fun, playin' the hits. My voice seems to be sounding good & it's just a heck of a lotta fun.

Banging out shirts for "Our Vets." The town is filled with wonderful, giving people who extended their Southern Hospitality to me n the guys. North Carolina Rock is so freakin cool. We had a blast listening to Jill Goodson(my God could that girl sing), Little Johnny and The Trailer Trash.

It was nice to see everybody that won in the raffle and to give it back to charity ... One kid won $700. You know kids $700 goes a long way for a 17 year old. Nice helping out the Lake Norman Volunteer FD - they are a great bunch of guys.

The crowd was amazing & I had so much fun. Thanks for those of you who picked up an E $ T shirt and helping out the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Also a shout out to a great radio station...The Lake 102.9!

Chow for now
See you n the lobby.