Eddie Money Plays The Ride For Ronnie James Dio Concert

The biggest name on the bill was rock vet Eddie Money, a longtime friend of Ronnie’s who delivered an energetic four-song set featuring “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “No Control,” “We Should Be Sleeping” and “Shakin’.” The rocker made it a family affair, as some of his kids served as members of his band. After the performance, Money told us, “You know Ronnie Dio and I, we go way back together. He’s one of my favorite singers — Black SabbathRainbow. His wife and mine are very good friends. And this is great. They’ve raised over a million dollars for cancer.” And while Money’s music is more rock than metal, he did express his love for metal music and the community.

The vocalist added about the Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, “It’s a great organization and I really wanna thank everyone who took some money out of their pockets and I love that they’ve raise all this money … I just wish Ronnie was here. He would have loved this. He really would.”

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