Eddie's Latest "Blogorama"


I'd like to take a minute and thank all my friends and fans for all the heartwarming and funny Instagrams, Tweets and Facebook posts. I never knew all this communicating could be so entertaining and fun! I feel like it's a new connection to kinda a boring mundane world, and from all over the world, too.

People ask me if I'm bored singing my many hits (14 songs in the Top 100). Heck no! I light up singing "Wanna go back," "Baby Hold on," "Two tix," "Shaking" or any of my hits. Seeing people lighting up and reminiscing to where they were, and what they were doing in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. I can honestly say, "We all had a lot of fun ...Huh ..What the Hell!!!"

Did a cool radio show (third week n a row at www.rockstarworldwide.com) with my good buddy and old bass player, Don Cromwell. I had the chance to play some of the cuts from my new CD entitled, ”Shake that thing,” a combination of 10 new songs that I'm pretty proud of. I also had the chance to preview some of Dez' new material and an exciting track from Jess's new CD. You can check out Dez' new website at DezMoney.com. I don't want to sound like Joe Jackson, but the kids are pretty talented.

I'm playing Miami tomorrow night, then Buffalo (Jim Kelly country), Atlantic City at the Golden Nugget, and a noon show for my buddy Scott Shannon at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC.

Been sober 5 years yesterday 3/2/10 - everybody's happy but me, ha ha! Gotta drop 10 pounds (told Laurie I loved her, she said, "Get off me" ha ha). Still got my hair and my voice is holding up - Thank God - and I finally quit the cigs on New Year's Day. That's 63 days ago...ain't easy, but it was long over due.

Raised another $4,000 for Intrepid Fallen Heroes thanks to T shirt sales from you guys....Gotta love the troops and Vets, seriously, real Americans serving our country, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lakers suck, but I still love 'em. Getting ready for my Dodgers and Angels in 2 weeks (Spring training). Anyway...not the most exciting "Blogorama " but I just wanted to reach out since I'm on a freaking plane as usual, bored out of my mind.

Goggle Don Cromwell's shows, the last three weeks. Lot of people got a kick out of them, especially me. The Easter Bunny will be hopping our way before you know it...

God Bless,
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